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Hopeful of clause of Xiang Yu the Conqueror of contract of meal of the standard
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19 days learn from door of The Ministry of Commerce and Industry, tianjin city publishs the key meal contract demonstrative text version this year, consumer repast makes the format provision that has equality safeguard. Henceforth, prohibit in meal service consumer expends this after all from a yuan of the water that take wine, disinfection who pays, consumption of the lowest between the bag closes unreasonable wait for a problem to get hopeful be settlemented at all.

As we have learned, this city still will publish a batch to set an example with the contract closely related common people life this year text, enlarge the applied limits of these text. Door of The Ministry of Commerce and Industry also will increase the examination strength that uses a case to contract demonstrative text, heavy enumeration place uses the concoctive, tort act that conceals the method such as the fact to sign property of contract, diddle.

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