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Enterprise of meal of festival of lanterns faces service quality test
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21 days are traditional festival of lanterns, begin to last all the time from the New Year's Eve the height that the market greeted hot meal 21 days to be given priority to with domestic banquet again. The reporter understands from association of Tianjin city meal, city of 21 days of Tianjin is large and medium-sized of meal enterprise late banquet book rate achieved 80% , 90% , rate of predicting seat of honour will be higher. But the state that outstanding issue behaves insecurity of occurrence labour force of company of not little after year meal, quality of Wu of serving speed kimono is affected in the meeting on certain level.

As we have learned, this year during the festival of lanterns, many Tianjin town hotel still increase award guesses actor of riddles written on lanterns, folk the your Yuanxiao banquet such as the performance is more festival and lively. Introduce according to controller of restaurant of samite Changjiang Delta, 3 eat of whole tonight town that interlink inn already ordered entirely full, share banquet of Yuanxiao of 600 much desks, and estimation can have for certain return hall phenomenon to appear. They still serve free stuffed dumplings masse of glutinous rice flour served in soup in the client that is have dinner today, with promotional with the feeling between deadbeat. The reporter understands, the formula form that a few restaurant took the meal of the eve of the lunar New Year of the New Year's Eve to secure, many consumer produce dissatisfaction accordingly, now the Yuanxiao banquet of the day does not have this one limitation completely, the consumption of consumer is spent freely promote greatly.

Controller of association of Tianjin city meal tells a reporter, this year the hot occasion of market of Spring Festival meal is not to be centered in a certain period of time, last all the time however up to now. Be in a few famous degree of taller restaurant, blame double cease the Chinese meal of day and dinner period of time also are shown explode full posture. But highlight quite as a result of the situation with meal company at present tight labour force, can cause speed of individual restaurant serving to cross quality of slow, service to sell at a discount directly wait for the place that makes consumer malcontent.

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