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First management standard already came on stage, economy restaurant hopeful divi
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Although development impetus is swift and violent, but be in industry standard to lack industry of the economy that loses this one awkward status hotel all the time, received the first occupation standard eventually. Yesterday, chief expresses related Chinese restaurant association, this association is drafting the first country occupation standard of economy hotel- - " economy restaurant manages a standard " (normative ") of " of the following abbreviation comes on stage, he discloses at the same time, in this standard resemble economy restaurant probably astral class public house same, according to dimensions, located a sector of an area and the important parameter lay off such as management quality are different grade.

"At present ' standard ' draft already protocol ended. "Yesterday, chief confirmed to the reporter " normative " is in related Chinese restaurant association this one message in drafting. He expresses, draft is revised through several even after protocol, according to present plan, predicting " normative " is by this year, at the beginning of next year will appear formally.

Like the home, 7 days, fast 8... come nearly one year, of all kinds economy restaurant shows the ave lane that is in Beijing as going out like emerge. Because economy restaurant and phase of general astral class hotel are compared, compress or cancelled the function such as meal, conference, recreation, make operation cost is reduced greatly, the price is relatively cheap also, basically be in 200 yuan the following, this makes many tourist scramble for sth. The statistical number July indicates net of Chinese economy hotel, countrywide economy restaurant has gone to 1067 of July 2007 from 23 development 2000, beijing area has economy hotel 125, predict the hopeful inside year breaks through 200.

Although the amount is in,grow at full speed, but because this industry does not have a normal industry standard up to now, make economy restaurant problem fascicular. The guest room of " of some " economy hotel is set in basement, unwarrantable still 24 hours of hot water. The personage inside course of study expresses, a few small hotel that do not have restaurant feature to make money, also made the shop sign of " of " economy restaurant, but each condition is actually fundamental the requirement of short of restaurant.

"Economy hotel is called to offer the public house of limited service, establishment is simpler, provide a service in the light of official business and business affairs guest, the social hotel with the tradition is not one and the same. Accordingly, at present the fixed position of a lot of economy hotel has a problem. "Director of research center of travel of courtyard of Chinese company division Professor Zhang Anrui tells a reporter, "The urgent affairs of formulate standard is to want to have a limit to economy restaurant, people is solved to what just calculates economy hotel and be being paid no attention to after all, want to define an idea above all, after having limit range only, ability formulate standard. "
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