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Meal enterprise manages a standard to be carried out formally
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Inland trade occupation standard " meal enterprise manages a standard " (SB/T10426-2007) , carry out formally already.

Current, the meal course of study of our country is existing generally still the site is much and medicinal powder, scope is little and random, occupation standard is short of break, problem of safety of non-standard, food highlights business management wait for a characteristic.

Promulgate this " meal enterprise manages a standard " it is ministry of our country head recommend sexual standard in the light of what meal enterprise makes, apply to the enterprise of all sorts of economy kinds, include inn of restaurant, wineshop, wine shop, dining-room, snack bar, snack, drink store, and collective have dinner deserves to send a company. The standard parts to wait for many respects to make specific provision to enterprise aptitude and management from system of facilities of operation field, facilities, regulations, wholesome safety, follow-up processing.

" meal enterprise manages a standard " it is system of meal occupation standard medium fundamental sex level. Apply actually be helpful for standard and directive meal enterprise managing action, promote business management the standard, the health of stimulative meal course of study, develop continuously.

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