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" economy restaurant manages a standard " be about to come on stage
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Just enter the Chinese hotel industry 2008 lively and extraordinary, our country economy hotel first state level " economy restaurant manages a standard " be about to come on stage, among them hotel service level becomes crucial target. Of hotel of chain of Chinese business affairs get army brand style Lin Haotai rolled out the whole world search of first free hotel, comment on, book service system " Hotelgoogle " , roll out global business travel to serve expert strategy, invite sincerely hotel of global Olympic Games to serve an expert to come China, coach to be not Olympic Games autograph to make an appointment with a hotel to do and groom, the service that promotes a hotel in the round recieves ability. The expert expresses, this will promote whole service standard for hotel of Chinese economy chain, it is important to arrive since urge action. A variety of evidence make clear, the service will become the central issue that hotel industry notes in Olympic Games the end of the year.

Whole world of break out of an encirclement of Chinese economy hotel competes

Current, speed of dilate of brand of part of Chinese economy hotel already was amounted to 100% to 200% , economy chain hotel as 2008 of Beijing Olympic Games come and warm up quickly. The personage inside course of study points out, did not come 5 years, market of hotel of domestic high end still is the world of international brand, upright market may appear in the domestic brand of sex of a few dominant, and the business affairs key that reaching economy chain public house is development of future of Chinese hotel industry. The consumptive market of future of our country economy hotel still can have bigger growth, at the same time market competition also is met more intense, action of market of short-term of a few brands and malign competition strategy will appear.

Expand what face Chinese hotel market ceaselessly, the numerous investor that cross a state and hotel management group grab a beach to land in succession, international is famous the beauty of the brand praise spend and accumulate old administrative experience to issue second challenge to hotel of domestic business affairs chain. How does Chinese hotel industry break through a tight encirclement, make fight of assault fortified positions of Olympic Games of good service Beijing, make industry and the central point that the people pays close attention to.

Be aimed at brand of economy chain hotel how the problem of break out of an encirclement, the expert points out, chinese economy hotel has entered a brand to change conformity to send exhibition period, a few old economy hotel is gotten army the star that the brand is like bright and beautiful river, like the home, and the Lin Haotai of case of business affairs hotel with abroad dot of first successful cloth of our country, began respective outspread strategy and competitive strategy already, to in an attempt to comes through making difference turn competitive product occupational more market share. In the meantime, this kind of dilate and competition contain clear global color. Accordingly, its break out of an encirclement also becomes the break out of an encirclement of global limits. This break out of an encirclement is indicating China is traditional hotel service platform will enter a brand quickly to serve diversity phase, change when cause Chinese hotel industry from this, lead an industry to be changed to network, brand, standardization, dimensions is changed, the way of diversity develops.
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