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Substantially " pick a bit " force a hotel to abide by grade strictly to differe
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The grade of travel restaurant expresses with astral amount and fill in colors on a sketch. Astral class cent is 5 grade, namely one star class, 2 stars class, SamSung class, 4 stars class, 5 stars class. Astral level is higher, the class that represents travel hotel is higher.

The main basis that hotel star class divides: The environmental dimensions that the hotel often presses on international, building, equipment, establishment, decorate, the specific requirement such as project of management, service, quality differentiates grade. Astral class makes be the popularity on current international differentiate method, be in Europe particularly general. Astral level shows hotel class and level are higher higher. The main content that grade differentiates includes (1) comfortable pitch. (2) client invests. (Area of 3) guest room. Hotel social estate is very not slashing to dimensions, but the requirement to area of environment, investment, room and establishment is however very strict.

National tourism bureau increased pair of hotel star level rectify and reform strength. "Pick a bit " the hotel that the action lets norms of grade of a few disagreement is gingerly.


Guangdong province ranks the whole nation 78 times with gross " hotel restaurant black a list of names posted up " the 2nd, among them 68 stars that be picked, 10 delay check. Hotel of a list of names posted up involves complete province on 13 ground city, among them number of a list of names posted up on Shenzhen city is maximum, achieve 29, guangzhou city shares the 10 a list of names posted up on the home. Among them, soft hardware project and astral grade level not agree with, abandon year of careful, management not to be pooh-poohed stale of close down, equipment, outfit is revised go to, preparation is torn open build the main reason that etc is a list of names posted up on hotel guesthouse. Guangdong publishs the figure that hotel of class of 5 4 stars appeared in the hotel of black a list of names posted up, include to spend bay of new century hotel, Shenzhen the building of century of cafe of garden of the court of a feudal ruler of emperor of big public house, Shenzhen, Temeisai that uncover this world is big big public house of white yulan magnolia of hotel and current state, among them big public house of Shenzhen bay big public house and white yulan magnolia is to suffer the most severe punishment that pick a bit more.

68 hotels of media coverage Guangdong by " pick a bit " have 10 delay review a case in which a death sentence has been passed by a lower court additionally

Restaurant of class of two stars of Shan head city is picked " star "

Bureau of Shenzhen city tourism: 10 hotels are picked " star "


Shanghai cancels astral course 42, reduce astral level 1, defer check 20. The hotel of class of star be cancellinged is SamSung class besides 7 outside, the others is one, 2 stars class. Hotel of 7 SamSung class is respectively, guesthouse of the square store big public house, 1000 cranes austral big public house of Shanghai Shen Min, Shanghai, gardens guesthouse, Long Hua greets guesthouse of garden of guesthouse, summer and emperor to clean out sanded big public house.
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