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Harbin: Undertake 10 desk above is large dine together beard report
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3 days morning, sanitation of rate city health bureau, city supervises deputy mayor Zhang Xianyou personnel comes Le Fuchao of dynasty seafood public house, home early or late related the branch such as place inn of city new this world, situation of security of sanitation of food of the market before checking Harbin city red-letter day.

Zhang Xianyou says in the examination, food distribute and meal treatment unit should increase understanding, clear liability, close sanitation of good food quality, ensure the food sanitation during masses festival is safe. Restaurant should strengthen raw material to all alone card manages, old hotel undertakes 10 desks above is large dine together must report to wholesome supervisory branch. The supermarket should involve fine replenish onr's stock, produce mark of date, expiration period, QS to undertake checking to kinds or types of goods ahead of schedule, bulk food should be accomplished dustproof reach the designated position, indicate producing area and manufacturing date, ensure the section buys the citizen to be at ease during day food.

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