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Economy hotel is faced with " shuffle "
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Current, chinese restaurant association already was being drafted " economy restaurant manages a standard " national occupation standard, predicting near future can be announced. Once the standard is announced, be sure to serve the smallest usable floor area, basically from number of safe facilities, communal space establishment, guest room, guest room wait for a respect to have a standard. These regulations can wash out a few gewgaw economy hotel easily, also will block the adventurer with a few impure motive outside the door at the same time.

Some closer year come, economy hotel is a very modern word, had spread all over the whole nation nowadays, long triangle city waits in Shanghai, Hangzhou, Nanjing, very possible every other can discover hotel of an economy that hanging different board chain 50 meters. Department of development of reform of business of national trade department and Chinese restaurant association release " findings report of 2007 China economy restaurant " offerred estimate measures data, our country economy hotel interlinks a brand to already amounted to 100, already practice inn number exceeds 1000.

Dilate of economy hotel apace and expand, result from profit is alluring. Come from the statistic of authoritative branch, in recent years, rental rate is in guest room of hotel of domestic star class 60% the left and right sides, its wool interest rate is in 20% to 30% , hotel loss is more severe under SamSung class. And rental rate is in the guest room of economy hotel generally 80% above, holiday is to be as high as 95% above more, its wool interest rate can be achieved 40% exceed 50% even. Rich and generous profit drew the eye with blazing capital.

Getting the person that run " the star of bright and beautiful river " , " if the home is quick " rapid dilate arrives when nearing 200 chain hotel, "Mo Tai 168 " , " Gelinhaotai " , " Chinese front courtyard is quick " , " 7 days " wait for economy hotel brand to form an alliance with capital in succession, start fast and outspread plan, and brand of burgeoning economy hotel is to emerge in endlessly more. Partial brand was achieved in the outspread speed last year 200% , even 300% .

New brand wants fast dilate, the simplest way is " copy " , copy the economy of a few successes practice that interlinks a hotel come over, basic it is to use control cost means, will draw relatively sensitive to the price crowd with favourable price, appeared serious " coessential change " the tendency. Price war also has left dozen, some economy hotel hit not long ago even " the whole nation unites valence 99 yuan " exceed small house value.

Economy hotel is fast and outspread at the same time, quality sufferred negligence however, nanjing is in before a few months, when ground authority media explodes went out " care of can of problem of economy hotel sanitation " news, those who make a person amazed is, hotel of a few famous economy brand is not done actually to bedding one guest is changed, with the dishcloth that will brush closestool, table, floor and glass confused also use, wholesome state is put in very large hole. To a few adventurer, its target is not long dovish manage, of pursuit is short-term the insanity inside is outspread, after chain attains certain scale, give other investor brand and resell of network high price instantly, or with economy model, the notional choose machine of chain, network is abroad appear on the market, set take profit.
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