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Gas of grandma of egg of grain oily meat rises in price 4% beards put on record
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Product of partial food, oily, grandma carries valence to must shift to an earlier date 10 days to declare

Beijing cable network signs up for dispatch (reporter Zhou Jiansen) rise from yesterday, 10 chain supermarket and 5 supermarkets of large market are when the commodity such as flesh of flocks and herds of oil of sale commissariat, edible, pig, egg, milk, if one-time rise in price more than 4 % , must undertake to prices branch valence puts on record moving; Additionally liquid gas also will be executed before rise in price put on record system. City hair changes appoint released yesterday afternoon " fundamental goods and service face Beijing share measure of interpose of current price case implements measure " in, announced need to carry out carry the company that valence is declared and moves valence to put on record specific list.

" executive method " in regulation, 7 kinds of products that share 4 production company need to fulfill carry valence to declare a system, it is respectively: Glutinous  says lens of  of phenolic Xing Xun is sought sunlight Gui of cheek of protruding of branny a surname of sulphur of the ⒏ that squeeze mansion returns lens of  of Xing Xun of  of Tuo of τ of paralysis of  of  of bucket of contest of  of Xing Xun of  of glutinous  Tuo to be able to bear or endure to press lowing ⑼ of Huo A Chinese-style unlined garment in vain Tuo of white dark Jie lows. According to the requirement, these enterprises are carrying before valence 10 weekday, the application that raise price case of market price of written report service is in charge of a branch.

Additional, " executive method " in in setting the company that executes tone price to put on record, these 5 supermarkets mix beauty of Le Fu of grand of guest of content beauty, Beijing, home, beautiful cheap, Hua Tang company of city liquid gas, must change to city hair directly appoint undertake putting on record; And other 10 chain supermarket and large market supermarket, want to area county one class hair changes appoint put on record.

These retail businesses are when sale regulation commodity, case of tone high price achieves the 4 % above, accumulative total inside 10 days to increase the price to achieve the 6 % above, accumulative total inside 30 days to increase the price to achieve 10 % above, written report of department of officer of 24 hours of indrawn prices after needing to be adjusted in the price moves price case; If price officer branch disagrees, need instructs his to restore cost price to perhaps reduce the scope that move price inside 3 weekday.

City hair changes appoint chief expresses, include those who face range of interpose of current price case this, it is few number rises in price only more, and produce the fundamental goods with life close relationship and service basically with the dweller. What the government intervenes is the unreasonable attune price of the enterprise only, manage what won't affect a business normally. After the case that rises significantly in the price disappears, the government should remove in time interpose measure.
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