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New labor law carries out hotel staff collective to charge
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Rose on January 1, 2008, new " labor contract law " carry out formally. Study of staff of organization of hotel of international of health emperor of benefit state city is new " labor contract law " . The lawyer spot of office of attorney of Guangdong grand grand explains for hotel staff new " labor contract law " relevant provision.

According to explaining lawyer introduction, " contract law of labor of People's Republic of China " carry out formally since January 1, 2008, increased the protective strength to laborer, accentuated the illegal cost to unit of choose and employ persons. After new law is carried out, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of laborer effectively, be helpful for compose establishing standard, stable working relationship.

Groom in study on the meeting, chief expresses related the hotel, the hotel will be carried out seriously fulfil new executive labor contract law, understand employee, master, carry out " labor contract law " provide the most excellent service. This controller expresses at the same time: "We expect to use the bond that new law carries out, do natural resources of good person power to supervise the work further, promote employee relationship level of management, avoid conflict of labour and capital, compose establishs harmonious working relationship. "

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