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Edit as soon as possible place of labor contract law carries out regulations
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Beijing labor law and Jiang Junlu of director of institute of social security law's committee member express, the labor contract law that just implements pays attention to protective laborer interest more, but still have a few articles too too general or not quite rigorous, need place regulations makes the way that carry out.

Citing of Jiang Junlu's committee member says, the enterprise can remove a reason of labor contract is " holds the post of " deeply. The explanation that " is not competent to " previously is " of what I say goes of " of unit of choose and employ persons normally, now, if unit of choose and employ persons cannot prove employee " holds the post of " deeply adequately, cannot remove contract, this makes a performance assess a system to think as outstanding achievement with respect to unit of need choose and employ persons, " is not competent to make decision criteria to " in also needing detailed rules at the same time.

"Worker of the regulation in labor contract law works 10 years continuously in unit of choose and employ persons above ought to be signed work regularly without solid contract, but this ' successive ' is not quite rigorous. "Jiang Junlu's committee member expresses, worker job added up to the corresponding period 9 years to break a few months when 11 months, after this continues to work in this unit again, this calculates do not calculate " successive " . Be aimed at similar problem and local characteristic, he thinks municipal government should edit promulgate " Beijing labor contract sets " , use person unit can have according to can be being depended on.

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