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Will in order to perfect legal system make sure food consumes safety
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Shenzhen city makes full use of the advantage that oneself has legislative, in the light of existing law laws and regulations maneuverability is not strong, can be depended on and cannot execute the law the problem such as force fine inadequacy, increased a place to establish law strength, rise the experience of effective for local laws and regulations or governmental regulations, jam legal flaw and blind area. Increase the castigatory strength that to breaking one's promise the enterprise reachs responsibility person. Shenzhen city already came on stage early or late " butcher of birds of Shenzhen city cultivate and quarantine examine regulation " , " securing rules of quality of produce of Shenzhen city edible " , " rubbish of hutch of Shenzhen city eat runs temporary measure " , slaughter for blow illicit, the superintendency that strengthens pair of produce, blow abstracts deserted edible grease illegally to wait supplied new legal weapon.

The local code that this city publishs recently added the content of credit system respect in regulations, fill at present superintendency legislation of credit of safety of our country food is short of the blank that break, the power that uses law urges the construction of system of food safety credit. Raise legal system of food safety credit to build a level ceaselessly, for food safety credit system construction provides legal safeguard. Carry out formally on May 1, 2007 " securing rules of produce of Shenzhen city edible " in specific requirement is of all kinds market of produce terminal market, pork, deserve to send the operator such as center, supermarket, bazaar, refrigeratory, grain depot to establish produce management record, meal enterprise and collective build produce to purchase stage Zhang system to wait for food unit. In addition, shenzhen city feeds what how do an organization to draft " safety of Shenzhen city food monitors regulation " also Si includes National People's Congress legislative plan, this byelaw will be safe to food the concerned problem of credit system gives with legal form standard.

The special punish of Shenzhen city works, from beginning to end around treatment of primary produce, production, current, consumption 4 keys link, hold grain, flesh, vegetable, fruit, milk products, bean products, aquatic product, liquor kind, food of beverage, children, salt with the key breed closely related masses life. Capture farming batch shambles of market of the market, pork, live pig, medium or small company of food production treatment, food machines dining room of mill, school, industrial district the key target such as inn of door of dining room of dining room, building site, small-sized food, the village in holding a city, land belonging to one production unit but enclosed in that of another ground, outskirts of a city links the key section such as the ministry, capture hand in meeting, Wen Bo high the important period such as meeting, golden week. Key processing affects the outstanding issue of safety of Shenzhen city food. Annual, shenzhen city basis in those days the outstanding issue of food safety, decide different key breed has repair. Be like 2007, the issue with Shenzhen city relatively outstanding basis. Chose flesh of bean products, live pig to taste, aquatic product and burn dried meat the food such as pot-stewed fowl has key repair. Office of commission of safety of Shenzhen city food took the lead to make unified Zou Shu to special punish, make clear working target, appoint chime of concrete leading unit to run an unit, establish leader group organization to fulfil. Since September 2007, shenzhen city produces quality quantity and food safety according to country, province the concerned deploy of special punish, began work of whole town repair. Achieve working goal satisfactorily. Through highlighting key punish, shenzhen city production, sale is fake get effective keep within limits with the illegal crime activity of poisonous and harmful food, the market manages order to improve somewhat, superintendency level rises somewhat, people food consumes safe feeling to increase.
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