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Superintend and director of the State Council checks group of examinations this
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Report from our correspondent came 23 days on January 21, the 7th superintend and director checks the State Council the group is right Beijing safeguard market is supplied, strengthen the market to superintend, the job such as stable market price undertakes supervising and urge checking. Superintend and director of the State Council checked group of relevant jobs to Beijing to offer sufficient affirmation.

Superintend and director of the State Council is checked group listened to municipal government to be supplied about ensuring the market, the report that strengthens the market to superintend the job, held partial enterprise informal discussion, examined grain, oily, flesh to wait on the spot farming by-product terminal market, interlink a supermarket, colza of live pig, greens raises base, butcher machines enterprise and station of long-distance passenger transportation, market of on-the-spot understanding Beijing is supplied and price case, visit those who expressed sympathy and solicitude for arrange slope of justice area horse to press down is low preserve a family.

Jilin of members of standing committee of municipal Party committee, standing deputy mayor checks group of introductions to superintend and director of the State Council concerned circumstance. Jilin says, according to the State Council and the requirement of concerned ministries and commissions, ground of Beijing one hundred percent is carried out fulfil each policy deploy, take effective measures to ensure supply, strengthen superintend, valorize. At present stock of each large and current company reachs the main deputy provision such as grain, oily, flesh to appear on the market the quantity increases apparently, supply of goods of market of necessaries of life is very enough, the market supplies stability.

Superintend and director is checked group say, according to " food basket " the requirement that the mayor is in charge of making, beijing held water in August last year by Jilin of members of standing committee of municipal Party committee, standing deputy mayor, the adjusting control of lash-up of town necessaries of life that deputy mayor Liu Hao is in charge of total coordinates a group, harmonious group pays close attention to domestic international situation closely, seasonable research analyses capital market trends, enact each measure, the contradiction that the respect such as the production that answer and solves current necessaries of life, current, price and market adjusting control exists and problem.

Superintend and director checks group of evaluations to think, each measure that at present Beijing gives aid to agriculture is produced is fulfilled reach the designated position, in giving aid to allowance of can hog production, numerous sow, live pig is sure to wait for capital to already extended to breed a hand. Predict 900 thousand to live pig gave column first quarter 2008, can offer 300 thousand or so every months on average to the market. The branch takes a variety of step related each, ensure the market especially " the Spring Festival " , " two meetings " during market supply of goods is enough, variety is rich, the price is stabilized basically. Fulfil a necessaries of life strictly to lay in a quantity to achieve 100 % at the same time, the inventory of important necessaries of life such as flesh of pork, flocks and herds, egg lays in a quantity to achieve 120 % above.
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