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Guesthouse of Hangzhou annulus island
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Astral class: Grant 4 stars
Hotel introduction: Annulus island guesthouse is founded 1998, in January 2007 guest room rebuilds afresh by 4 stars standard end. Annulus island guesthouse is located in Hangzhou downtown Wu Lin ministry of small square southwest, with west lake of world-famous travel resort Hangzhou only 500 meters Yao, the hospital in visitting town of governmental building, Hangzhou with Zhejiang lies between a road opposite, from Hangzhou municipal government 300 meters, border market of female costume of vogue of —— of Hangzhou shopping centers reachs fierce forest square. Guesthouse has of all kinds guest room 118. The station leans on window overlook inside the room, west lake beautiful scenery all controls the lake scene room of eye ground, business affairs house; Have the luxurious standard house that can see fierce forest square. . . Average area amounts to guest room 24 square metre. Guesthouse has the establishment such as phone of net of 24 hours of central air conditioning, hot water, broadband, programmed control, provide considerate and meticulous service for each guests. Of guesthouse one, 3 buildings are guesthouse bank of development of old hall, riverside, Shenzhen develops a bank; 2 buildings are to go up insular coffee; 4 buildings are hall of rose Chinese meal; 5 buildings are chess card room; 6 buildings are sauna room; 16 buildings of 9 — are guest room; Seventeen building, 19 buildings are assembly room. Hotel facilities is all ready, the service is sweet and considerate. Hotel traffic is very convenient, in guesthouse 300 meters center is surrounded inside, can sit to arrive directly at Hangzhou the bus of each station, railway station and the regular bus to airport of Shanghai, Hangzhou. It is the stay place of broad tourist and ideal of business affairs personage.
Recreational establishment: Chess card room
Meal establishment: Breakfast of self-help of Chinese meal hall: 10 yuan / add a bed: 120 yuan
Service facilities: Phone of IDD of phone of DDD of service of Wu of ticket of business affairs center washs shop of dress Wu flower guesthouse of tonsorial hairdressing room issues credit card outside situation of type of acceptability credit card- - all things is amounted to (credit card is issued outside Master) condition- - power person (credit card is issued outside VISA) condition- - carry is connected (credit card is issued outside AMEX) condition- - come greatly (credit card is issued outside Diners Club) condition- - JCB home issues silver-colored couplet card
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