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Public house of Hangzhou Milan fashion
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Astral class: Grant 4 stars
Hotel introduction: Public house of Hangzhou Milan fashion, stand tall and upright noisy the urban sculpture in beautiful busy streets, the dak of a dream in time excessive colour. The canal of chiliad, the port head of hundred years, become silent is not had language however concealed shows buckish. River water is leaning on square, shed bridge of the north in passing, winding still is hundreds meters fleet. The hotel reposes in the center of the city, make an unique thematic public house wholeheartedly, illuminate is worn the fashion of the times, hold with brand-new idea bear the history, make impact, the appearance of your city is collected more plump. Lean on a window and stand, experience fashion or to accomplish fashion. Hotel inheritance vogue of a paragraph of amorous feelings, satisfactory a romantic ease delivers mental state. Hotel open Hangzhou theme business affairs is recreational the new course of development of the hotel, the hotel design that is home hard through its, management and service bring more to inspire, tag to send the tourist that go to to bring ideal and real combinative drop to be greeted. 2005 practice
Recreational establishment: Tonsorial hairdressing room
Meal establishment: Self-help breakfast: Guest room of hall of coffee of hall of 25 Western-style food sends eat the service
Service facilities: Phone of IDD of phone of DDD of service of Wu of ticket of center of auditoria business affairs washs dress Wu taxi entire room is free the broadband gets online
Traffic: Be apart from from the airport (kilometer) : 25 be apart from from Hangzhou railway station (kilometer) : 5 be apart from from downtown (kilometer) : 0.1 all round landscape: Square of fierce forest square, west lake culture
Address: Road of morning sunlight of the city zone below Hangzhou 188
Book a phone: 0571-87246582, 87246583
What belong to an area: Fierce forest square

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