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Hotel of Hangzhou fragrance blue holiday
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Astral class: Grant 3 stars
Hotel introduction: Hotel of Hangzhou fragrance blue holiday is located in center of the trade with flourishing Hangzhou, culture, traffic, border in the center of Hangzhou city business affairs area------Fierce forest square and peace can exhibit a center. The ” of “ west lake that is apart from beauty and station, dock only Cheng of a few minutes of cars, situation is advantageous, communication is easy, establishment is all ready, the service is good, it is the place that the ideal of business affairs and travel stays. Hotel design is novel and unique, interior decorates elegance comfortable, it is an economy that builds with following SamSung standard hotel. The hotel has 76 (set) guest room, all stock independence bathroom, the indoor air conditioning of high-power, phone direct dial is offerred for you at any time and place service. First floor dining-room can accommodate repast of 200 more than person at the same time, the assembly room with complete establishment is the good place that business affairs negotiates and holds meeting of each administrative levels. Fragrance blue. Holiday hotel holds to the entertain a guest path of “ smile, enthusiastic, considerate, efficient ” , devote oneself to to be perfected ceaselessly hardware and carry out characteristic service, make the home of economy, comfortable lukewarm chime stone with all one's strength, “ has friend to come from distance, extremely ” , fragrance blue. Holiday hotel welcomes presence of guest of China and foreign countries.
Recreational establishment: Without
Meal establishment: Chinese style breakfast: 5 yuan / portion
Traffic: Public transportation station: Bao Shanqiao (11, 28)
Address: Hangzhou stadium road 130
Book a phone: 0571-87246582, 87246583
What belong to an area: Fierce forest square

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