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Sale builds situation: Try ㄔ of Bei of kind Φ Chu in vain
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The enterprise should learn to build situation, must learn to use social resource.

The force infinity of social natural resources, arrive greatly can let an Everyman become famous overnight, also can let day of an enterprise in a twinkle receive 10 thousand gold, the key depends on, how you search the resource that belongs to him brand, detonate it.

Acerbity milk of unconscious ox acid can say the past master that is resource of race to control of be familiar with, 2005, depend on force only " super female voice " this one resource, came true quickly to rise from 700 million violent wind to the sale of 2.5 billion; China of unconscious ox have the aid of 5, deduced likewise wonderful " the spacefarer is special milk " big play.

The opportunity that creates a miracle in China is less and less, when we discover a high grade resource, we resemble bull-puncher of race to control of road of 10 thousand treasure only same, resemble race to control of bright red eagle " triumphal eagle " same, race to control of dragon of elephantine red gold " astronaut " same, benefit elephantine Yi and unconscious ox race to control " inside unconscious llano " same, between consumer intelligence set pushbutton of a brand, sufficient use corresponding consumer intelligence resource to gain market competition advantage.

Be in China, the resource that scatters in folk is very much, we can give its cent a lot of kind come:

For instance local characteristic kind the cooked wheaten food of the grape of the white spirit that has Sichuan, Xinjiang and crusty pancake, Shanxi, inside unconscious prairie and flesh of flocks and herds, northeast ginseng and pilose antler, each resource backside, the category acknowledge base with huge under cover;

Public image kind the handsome young man in eye of the Biergaici of the preterhuman, white-collar in heart of the Bai Ma prince in the bull-puncher that is like the United States, girl heart, children, female the bell in bosom of Zhou Runfa, male, each person, each dream, capture, help adorer greatly with respect to what captured his backside;

Social heat kind like 01 years enter world cup, SARS of 3 years, mind of 4 years into world, China football of 2 years 5 flying Apsaras, super female voice of 5 years, world cup of 6 years, have a big heat year after year almost, each heat, it is dynamite of a ton of TNT, who is captured first and detonate it, who wins the home namely.

In all sorts of resource, the enterprise should be special notice public praise resource. Sale is total by one ask for a favor, if can use public opinion resource, production society discusses a central issue, production popularity, can achieve " public praise can be become 1 million powerful army " the effect.

The first device that uses public praise resource is cacique of opinion of race to control. For instance:

The opinion cacique of high-grade liquor and high-grade cigarette has two kinds of people, a kind of person is controller of company high level, the 2nd kind is governmental official;
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