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The effective conformity of hotel sale and whole jointly owned sell train of tho
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In last few years, hotel industry rises continuously in our country tourism those who manage is greet in the process " gold period " , but of the ceaseless aggravate as a result of competition and client individuation demand release ceaselessly, if where,hotel obverse side is being faced the market environment with all sorts of finite, opportunity complex numerous and complicated leaves all sorts of resource, make through integrated sale the problem of its benefit optimization. For this, the author puts forward to use Internet to undertake to hotel sale effective conformity realizes the integral strategy train of thought of integrated sale then.

One, the figure outside transmitting unified hotel to be opposite with integrated sale and fixed position

"The whole process of sale of overweight of contemporary sale side, its purpose depends on capturing the market and client for a long time " . Integrated sale travels (IMC) is those who face the market " stereo transmission " and " conformity is communicated " , consumer " those who hear is a kind of sound " , consequently can more accurate differentiate enterprise and its product, service.

To the hotel, integrated sale transmission conduces to a hotel limited investment efficient ground translate into yields. Specific for, integrated sale transmission can make the hotel establishs unified figure and peculiar fixed position in cause client group, once the client generates demand the hotel concerns since very can easy memory a few " keyword " , find a public house through searching engine next and very get in touch with the hotel conveniently, the hotel is communicated through as meticulous as client patience communication can win a customer easily, obtain favorable sale result.

2, with conformity of own network sale cent sells channel

Cent sold channel to hold back partial passenger source and sale gain while help hotel enlarges a sale, make a few hotels are in actually for channel " work " , this kind of phenomenon makes sale of more and more network of hotel hope have the aid of, acquire hotel resource configuration and right of profit distributive dominant, implementation hotel anticipates accrual optimization is mixed the biggest the end that change.

Abound of experience ceaselessly as hotel network sale, the channel conformity that sells platform to be core continuously with the hotel and integrated sale transmission will become the focus that hotel sale works, such not only can the control capacity that aggrandizement bisect sells channel, and can make a hotel agile ground bisect sells channel to undertake strategical integrated, network application is deepened ceaselessly and give hotel sale in order to get used to future all sorts of change that the job brings.

3, have deepness sale in order to consider object check to direct

Client experience is a client those who accept a hotel to serve around is overall experience, exceed the scope that client value can scale. Hotel more pays close attention to the satisfactory rate that the client experiences, it is the crucial place of tarry client, and the experience of customer satisfaction can bring its faithful behavior incline to, benefit of hotel of this pair of promotion, reduce sale cost big helpful.
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