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Meal of hotel the eve of the lunar New Year how no longer " the eve of the lunar
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Our newspaper on Feburary 14 " does your home have year of meal full idea in the hotel? " after one article is published, many readers are mirrorred in the hotel to eat meal of the eve of the lunar New Year to more or less can encounter the problem of the respect such as service, taste, price, heft, on one hand consumer expresses understandable, on the other hand, restaurant cannot accordingly because of consumer good-tempered, hall and of emperor will year the meal sells at a discount greatly.

Whether transparent dot eat?

"Because the family member is much, in who the home does not sit, go only hotel. The meal of the eve of the lunar New Year that actually the last few years eats is main same, want absolutely cheap and fine difficult also, nevertheless we also can understand, after all good year of 30, family hotel cost is higher. " the think of a way that the word of citizen Mr Cui represented a lot of constituencies.

"Have a few times during the Spring Festival entertaining guests is in restaurant, eat quite well, it is a few hotels do not let ourselves order dishes, can choose in a few kinds of formulas that restaurant provides only, the dish type of every kinds of formula and dish are tasted is fixed. The clerk's explanation is booking meal of the eve of the lunar New Year to cannot order dishes is convention, but basis " consumer rights and interests protects a law " , consumer enjoys the right that own alternative commodity perhaps serves. " citizen beyond gentleman tells a reporter. Although spend the New Year,the reader thinks to be disinclined to find out, but since restaurant wants to earn this money to begin the Spring Festival,serve, that should be pressed " custom " come, cannot because of VIP " understanding " come " jerry " .

Does from hotel belt meal of the eve of the lunar New Year come home?

"The taste problem that the netizen that mentions in your article reflects is not happen this year, because we did not bake beefsteak this year,this dish. It is very difficult also to serve as a hotel actually, we study the menu of meal of the eve of the lunar New Year meticulously every year, but guest taste is different, do not eliminate individual person not to like some food, a person may deny we try hard entirely. " a manager makes department of sale of Dong Yue hotel telephone. "We also want to rest, but the guest will order meal of the eve of the lunar New Year, the brand for the hotel and fame must be received. This year we every balcony capacity audience, all clerk mount guard, everybody is in charge of 2 balcony, everybody is very painstaking. Everybody is very painstaking..

"The kin of my home Shandong says, they bale semi-manufactured goods of meal of the eve of the lunar New Year from the hotel bring back the home, convenient and practical, hefei also has a public house so do, but still require put in time and energy on the character of dish. " citizen Mr Zhang proposal.
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