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Inn of guesthouse of Spring Festival Tianjin welcomes a large number of guests
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"The Spring Festival " during the golden week, inn of Tianjin town hotel recieves churchyard in all tourist of pass the night of travel of ab extra ferry one hundred and thirty-two thousand nine hundred person-time, than last year the corresponding period grew 9.0% ; Expenditure amount amounts to 157 million yuan, grew 13.6% compared to the same period. Rental rate is accumulative total guest room 33.5% , than last year the corresponding period increased 4.3 percent.

From the reception of whole town of all kinds hotel, restaurant and hostel the circumstance looks, social guesthouse inn recieves a quantity the biggest. This inn of guesthouse of golden week society welcomes a visitor in all ninety-seven thousand five hundred person-time, occupy 73.4% what always recieve a quantity, than last year the corresponding period grows 8.9% ; Astral class guesthouse welcomes a visitor thirty thousand seven hundred person-time, occupy 23.1% what always recieve a quantity, than last year the corresponding period grows 8.1% ; Before establishment recieved a batch to approve, the other travel such as 9 summits comes the mountain-climbing, ski, tourist that eats farmhouse meal, recieve a tourist to make an appointment with 4700 person-time, occupy 3.5% what always recieve a quantity.

In the visitor that welcomes pass the night in inn of whole town hotel, the other place comes of ferry pass the night still is the mainstream, the tourist of pass the night that 5 become above comes from circumjacent etc provincial town, gross achieved seventy-three thousand seven hundred person-time; This locality tourist amounts to forty-five thousand one hundred person-time, 1/3 what occupy guesthouse inn to recieve gross; Recieve the tourist outside the condition to amount to forteen thousand one hundred person-time, passenger source basically comes from the country such as the United States, Germany, Austria, Australia, Holand, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia and area of our country Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan.

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