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Wedding video wedding company was awarded 8,000 yuan missing couple
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Invited photographers to record video is the most beautiful moments of life, can Mr. Xu wedding wedding video but was lost by the company. Huff, new wedding company will be sued. Yesterday, reporter learned from the Dawa People's Court, December 5 last year, Mr. Xu and Dawa wedding company reached a verbal agreement by the company to provide for his wedding wedding photography services, including video, wedding photos, presided over the wedding service, Mr. Xu paid a total of 3,100 yuan. 1 at the end of this year, Mr. Xu and his wife were taking wedding video company, the other lost this video! Mr. Xu and his wife sued a huff on the wedding of the Dawa County People's Court to require compensation for material losses wedding companies and mental damages of 30,000 yuan, and bear the cost of litigation. After the trial, the court held, an oral agreement to form the wedding service, Mr. Xu has fulfilled its obligations, but not Mr. Xiang Xu wedding company to deliver the wedding video, a breach of contract. Wedding video is a specific commemorative objects, can not redo the restore reproduction. Wedding companies should bear the corresponding liability. Court sentenced the company to return the wedding video costs 300 yuan, material and moral damage compensation costs 8,000 yuan.
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