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Hotel online marketing intensified globalization of direct marketing options
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In recent days, including the Hilton Hotel, Intercontinental Hotel and the Orange Hotel Group and many other well-known hotel with China's largest travel review site to the network ( signed the "Global Hotels and hotel in China through" direct extension services. Data show that since July this year to launch the hotel to the GSM network and communication services in China since the hotel has more than 2,000 hotels with more than the signing of this product promotion services. Hao Wu, general manager to the network, said: "to the hotel to the launch of GSM network and communication services in China has been sought after by many hotels, attracting a large number of well-known hotel groups and hotel chains to join, and to bring effective these hotels straight off the order, have realized that the hotel has direct sales network marketing in particular, can bring stability to the source to the hotel. " To the network launched "Hotel Global Link" service can help the hotel will have a direct contact information displayed in TripAdvisor world (more than 16 languages) sites in 25 countries, different countries can also choose a different site contact the hotel page show the hotel website, phone and Email, to provide users with direct and effective contact reservations directly with the hotel to reach. American investment bank, Susquehanna Financial Group (Susquehanna Financial Group; SFG) Comments: to the network will become the "tourism industry, Ali Baba," Global and China through the hotel services the hotel industry to create a new marketing mode. It is understood that the network's new "hotel GSM" and "Hotel of China" through Internet marketing services will not only showcase the hotel's website, phone and e-mail, or even to provide MSN, QQ and other instant communication tool, travelers can The most direct link to the hotel, can help the hotel increase the number of direct customers, and expand direct share; the same time, the hotel offers promotional information can be posted to the site attract travelers booking. Data show that the first quarter of 2010, the Chinese online travel booking market revenue size of 11.9 billion yuan. Obviously, China's online travel market has become a connoisseur of the various quarters of the big fancy cake. Although the distribution of commission model still holds the largest market share, but the competition has brought more choices to the hotel, especially in the face of increasingly strong direct hotel demand side, the distribution of the final will be increasing pressure . In addition, the reporter also noted that, due to the network with the global resources of its parent company TripAdvisor background, strong reviews and a loyal user base support, making the hotel an international direct sales platform model more competitive. To the person in charge of network marketing to the reporters: "As the world's largest community of travelers to the network and TripAdvisor will help 'Hotel Global' customers in its 40 million users a month before the show their own information, which is unique to the network resources and advantages, but also to any other domestic travel booking and travel comparison sites can not copy and compare. "Meanwhile, with the rapid development of China's tourism industry is estimated that by 2015, the number of domestic tourism 3.3 billion people, the number of inbound overnight tourists reached 90 million passengers, the number of outbound tourism up to 83 million people, to the General Manager Mr. Wu Hao to the network, said: "now and into the net at home to a collection of 45,000 hotel information, a large part of the book more than 3 times the site, in addition to the hotel to the network now contains the world has more than 500,000, is several times the industry over the same. We have full confidence in the tourism market to meet the increasing demand for information and services. " The moment, with the hotel industry competition intensifies, how to more fully meet the consumer demand directly, to achieve barrier-free communication with consumers has become the hotel industry has been the subject of discussion and exploration. With the network in the consumer's growing importance in life, the hotel is also exploring how to use the Internet to make direct marketing work. Have to say, with TripAdvisor descent to the network launched the "hotel GSM" and "Hotel China hand" for the hotel online marketing has opened up a new simple platform and channels.
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