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Sichuan saves golden week of tourism bureau Spring Festival to give a hint
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According to atmosphere department forecast, I save the near future parcel area will still last weather of microtherm rain snow. Save tourism bureau clew, save each travel to recieve an unit completely, want to pay close attention to weather variation circumstance closely, had done each lash-up to intend the work seriously, rigor is on guard the safe accident that calamity of ice and snow causes. The proposal is broad tourist, drive oneself especially tourist, want to enhance oneself to protect consciousness and safe consciousness, pay close attention to the information that atmosphere and travel department release and clew closely, discretion goes out row, the near future does not want to have travel of area of calamity of ice and snow.

Suffer effect of ice and snow, hill of hair worn in a bun or coil of the Zhu Hai austral near future Sichuan, snail, clever hill (churchyard of peaceful county of crown of cool hill state) wait for scene area to already suspended welcoming a visitor.

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