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Beijing stage spring late Chen Pei of program of 10 large window this tell Olymp
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The 1st page: ? page: ? page: ? page: ? page: ? page: ? page: Window 1 old admire this Zhu Shimao performs essay once more this is this year Beijing spring is late most a program that allows a person to expect. After 8 years are being lain between when, chen Pei this with Zhu Shimao this was returned again eventually to gold partner spring late stage. This essay their part did not change, "Chen Xiaoer " and " old luxuriant " the interesting story that collocation related an old Beijing and Olympic Games to concern. With what differ before be, of this essay combined a variety of new TV technologies, arena big screen appeared to move free, the means such as multimedia builds the sense that gave multiple space. But, we discover them and did not break away from this arena and comic effect. Chen Pei this, Zhu Shimao is mixed as before struggle euqally before ceaseless, have a large number of interesting and wonderful adversary show. [Below 1][2][3][4][5][6][7][one page] (responsibility edits: Xiao Jing child)

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