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Zhuhai China Hengqin start building up to the hotel room
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The total investment of more than 200 billion Long International Marine Zhuhai Holiday Resort announced the afternoon of 28 builders of the first projects started: by number of rooms to reach 1888 and become the single largest number of hotel rooms dolphin wine Changlong Shop has been started. It is understood that the reason the hotel named "Long Long Dolphin Hotel", because Guangzhou Chime-Long Group has decided to build a building in Zhuhai Hengqin Ocean Kingdom. In this "kingdom", the will, including marine wonders, 8, polar explorer and other major theme areas, each area contains recreational design, performances and animal shows three major elements. Best e-commerce platform Confidential Secret! Market may find that reversal of the recent Institutions of capital flows has changed dramatically! Main funding is plotting a new layout! Su Zhigang, chairman of the group, said the theme park will use the Safari Park in Guangzhou Chime-Long accumulated nearly 20 years of experience, and to play a world-renowned design firm, drawing on the essence of the global theme park. Long International Marine in Zhuhai Holiday Resort, there will be set of popular science education and breeding of rare and endangered animals, animals at night in one of the world, super water world and the "Dream Night" large display, and the world's highest friction Sheave, the longest wooden roller coaster, the most advanced 5A theater and other projects. Project is expected to fully completed, will attract over 20 million each year from all over the world.
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