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Jumeirah Hotel Chinese flavor
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Check Jumeirah's guests are very mature travelers, who travel around the world, hoping to travel to their lives through access to a wealth of experience. When they came to Dubai, when tourists from Europe, I I do not want to come here again, as a European country, I want to go to the beach. Compared with this, the beach is not the Chinese tourists like to go places, they prefer to walk in the desert, take over Gold Silk, by the way Yan Tours about the beautiful old city of Dubai. Preferences and habits of Chinese tourists and visitors from other countries is very different, we are already aware of that. Therefore, we Jumeirah hotel in Dubai have a Chinese restaurant, but more importantly , We have 400 Chinese employees work in Dubai hotel, the staff can speak Chinese have really great. In addition to world-famous Burj Al Arab Hotel in Dubai gives us the brand power in the Chinese market, we also hope that China and other parts of the hotel the hotel is different, we in the hotel's style and Design features can be integrated into local, in other words, can feel in our hotel, "the Chinese taste." VENU Jumeirah Group, the brand was first established more than a decade, a new brand, and its first hotel will be located in Shanghai Pudong. VENU brand culture is very modern, well reflect the city like Shanghai, City's natural essence. Shanghai and VENU many places like the content of the brand, he reflects a very modern way of life, will recognize and use the Jumeirah brand recognition and customers will use VENU. It depends on the customer The needs of people at a time. You will come to Di Baizhuo Meyer hotel resort, but came to Shanghai VENU for official travel. VENU and Jumeirah is a luxury brand, market segment for the guests is the same, just not The same use. VENU addition of Jumeirah Group, will give investors more than one brand, which is a good thing. This is the strategic development of Jumeirah is also very good analogy, if we are in Shanghai, then I have VENU They also have in Shanghai may have Jumeirah. But two brands have been sufficient, in China, I concentrate on doing two hotel brands. We the Four Seasons Hotel as a competitor, but the Four Seasons Hotel is we are very respected hotel group. I'm sure we can become and is recognized as the world's best luxury hotels. But I want to be able to understand Competitor's strengths and respect they are very important. Four Seasons Hotel in the hotel has done a 5,60 years. We only have 10 years of history, we are very young, but we already have many achievements, Dubai Yacht wine Store assets is a good example. The most important thing for us, please, is our employees. As a hotel brand to customers and commitment to pass the most important person is our employees. Our services have three signs, one of our staff must Before the guests smile at you, the guests smile. The second is that we will not sign the request for the guests to immediately say "no", even if it ultimately does not help to visitors, but our first reaction was to find a way to solutions for the guests Solving problems, rather than a direct refusal. The third sign is that we have to respect each other and get along with the city. I think we are going to give this culture to New York and London. I think in China, the challenges we face in this area War will be smaller, because I found people very friendly and willing to take care of customers, and willing to engage in the hotel industry. We have a student from Hangzhou, now in Jumeirah hotel school in the third grade, students in the College's outstanding . We hope to find such people - they understand the Chinese because they are Chinese; they know because they Jumeirah Jumeirah work. China has a very good future, the world's people in every region of China in the hope that one comes to their areas to tourism. I am looking forward to seeing the future more and more foreign people to China for sightseeing. In Shanghai, You can find flights to anywhere in the world. I believe that the granting of passports to relax and reduce the process is a good way to strengthen the tourism industry. If it is pure tourist, then go to Dubai to need a passport issuance process, which was 13 years ago, Muhammad Set up in Dubai. He said the three countries - Europe, America and Australia, we do not continue to grant visa. While some countries we do not need a visa to their citizens will be able to come to our country, because we need to To strengthen tourism. So, if you want to encourage international tourists to China, you should do a simple point of this process the visa. If this process is too complicated, then there would be a lot of international tourists to China. More tourists We set up in China for less number of hotels is very important. If the international tourists come to China to see the free exercise of a visa or have less leisure will be more difficult for people to come to China.
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