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2008 dispatch of golden week holiday
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Today is National Day golden week the 6th day, holiday travel enters return peak, together with is round-the-clock overcast and rainy, nonlocal tourist number declines considerably. City holiday does in town stay away from home appoint Zhou Zhiping vice director guides next examinations hotel restaurant and partial scene area, whole town travel is well-ordered, unobstructed of road of scene area tourist attraction.

Travel recieves a circumstance

Today, tourist attraction of area of whole town each situation welcomes a visitor in all one million one hundred and forty thousand five hundred person-time. Scenery of lake of its Chinese and Western scenic spot the area is in charge of appoint meeting (bureau of city garden article) what belong to park tourist attraction to welcome a visitor in all five hundred and forteen thousand seven hundred person-time (among them tourist attraction of park of free of charge recieves a number to be three hundred and ninety-three thousand three hundred person-time, collect fees tourist attraction) of one hundred and twenty-one thousand four hundred person-time; river country travel goes vacationing the area welcomes a visitor 20 thousand person-time; Area of scene of thunder peak tower recieves thirteen thousand two hundred person-time. Area, county (city) recieving a circumstance is: Desolate is a mountainous area sixty-nine thousand seven hundred person-time, more than Hangzhou area fifty-nine thousand one hundred person-time, west lake area 20 thousand person-time (park of wet ground of state of brook of its Chinese and Western welcomes a visitor 16 thousand person-time) , build 30 thousand person-time of heart city, thirty-five thousand three hundred person-time of wealthy in relief town, face install thirty-four thousand six hundred person-time of city, tung cottage county forty-six thousand two hundred person-time, honest installs a county seventy-nine thousand two hundred person-time. The travel dot such as new city of river of block of the canal, characteristic, money welcomes a visitor in all one hundred and eighty-eight thousand five hundred person-time, attracted large quantities of citizens and tourist,

Guest room of hotel of hotel of whole today town is average rental rate is 64.2% .

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