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Xi Xiqiu is lubricious more hold up person
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Month of extensive of show of big garden concealed, reed, immortal Qu Yun... the name that each is like a poem, set off is worn one everywhere picturesque tourist attraction. Zhu Lubai of pavilion of stage of bridge of bank of diameter of billabong of brook berth lake, bank, booth, persimmon, humanitarian landscape is dotted in natural quietly elegant, delicate air discloses in wild interesting be overflowing with, person amid swims, go in just like picture. 11 eve are finite the park of wet ground of Xi Xi state that opens garden (on the west area) , just be like the landscape painting of a light Mo Dancai, brought cold, wild, weak, elegant pure aesthetic feeling to suffer to Hangzhou person.

"Cannot think of really, the common village situation that sees every day so, can become so beautiful! " live forever the villager Jiang uncle that be here, often looking at wet park early to open garden with respect to 昐. Nowadays, he of It is a pleasure to be the first to read an artical or see a film. gave out from the bottom of one's heart gasp in admiration. "Finite open garden already such beauty, affirmative in the future meeting is brought to everybody bigger amazed! " Mr Su says photography lover to keep moving back and forth at the same time at the same time the camera in the hand, "It is a good place that take a picture absolutely. " he says gladly.

Through a year much tight construction is built, park of wet ground of Xi Xi state on the west area on September 29 finite open garden, to yesterday, share many 6000 tourist to enter garden It is a pleasure to be the first to read an artical or see a film. . So far, park of brook state wet ground serves as a whole on the west attractive charm has been shown first.

Park of wet ground of state of Hangzhou Xi Xi (on the west area) , east with border on of west lake area, with circling a city high speed is a bound on the west, north comes Wen Erxi road (Wen Xinlu) , 5 constant main streets reach south, area 3.353 square kilometer. The brook inside the area, river swings, the crisscross of dotted, freely such as bank of besmear of lustre ground, fenny, beach, water, islands. Having distinctive and attractive natural view, deep historical culture, amorous feelings of full-bodied rural a region of rivers and lakes.

Abide by " zoology is the preferential, smallest interpose, repair old as usual, pay attention to culture, with civilian for this, can develop continuously " 6 big basic principles, area program designed park of wet ground of Xi Xi state on the west wet Nong Gengwen changes experience village, Xi Xi village of have a rest of wet land of village of gather of village of folk-custom of 5 constant culture, Xi Xi art and people (above all is name of of short duration) 4, reflected already with first phase, 2 period the oneness of the project, better land reflected otherness, having oneself bright characteristic.
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