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Hangzhou city the Republic of China celebrates recreational first selection to a
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Air temperature pelter, sweet-scented osmanthus waves sweet. Hangzhou arboretum is National Day undoubtedly during most one of tourist attractions that accept tourist favour, holding here " admire laurel fall " section, the sweet-scented osmanthus inside garden flourishing, these days about the same everyday tourist number exceeds 20 thousand. The plant expert of arboretum says, spend a week again, air temperature is again a few lower, sweet-scented osmanthus can leave more flourishing, will enter optimal view and admire period.

Yesterday, grow false penult day, nonlocal tourist leaves in succession Hangzhou come home, taking the advantage of the sky in scene area a few, xiaolin is taking family to go to Hangzhou together arboretum admires laurel. Take 28 buses to stand to Hangzhou arboretum, just got off, smell a light sweet-scented osmanthus is sweet, go to down the lynx of the park in go, this fragrance is thicker and thicker.

Stop in the parking lot of arboretum full illicit home car, besides minority a few are Shanghai license plate outside, still be car of Hangzhou this locality for the most part. Everybody is driving the end of National Day golden week, to outdoors will admire laurel, breathe a bit fresh air.

In garden of sweet-scented osmanthus crape myrtle, grow is worn 19 breed such as laurel of laurel having gold, silver-colored laurel, orange osmanthus, the four seasons sweet-scented osmanthus of more than 1000 individual plant, golden, weak yellow stamen has hanged branch, tuft tuft, thickly dotted. Children round the one individual plant inside garden more than meters 10 tall, diameter 1 meter much " orange osmanthus king " run to run. Old people sits below sweet-scented osmanthus tree, the tea of Dragon Well tea of on bubble one cup of faint scent, or chat or card games.

Division of management of arboretum of plant expert, Hangzhou says in moustache of deputy section chief, sweet-scented osmanthus blossoms to have particular demand to temperature and humidity. For instance, all lukewarm 24 Celsius arrive when 26 Celsius, early silver-colored laurel can be opened, and all lukewarm 20 Celsius arrive when 23 Celsius, it is the wedding day that Wan Yingui blooms. Before National Day, hangzhou all the time very hot, rainfall of it doesn't matter, hang on sweet-scented osmanthus tree full petal cannot open a flower all the time however. These two days, hangzhou drops in temperature suddenly, issued a few rain again, sweet-scented osmanthus a very flourishing, become suddenly in these two days of arboretum so aroma is tangy.

Nevertheless, had not arrived now of sweet-scented osmanthus optimal view and admire period. "Receive go down a few days, the air temperature of Hangzhou still can drop continuously, and sweet-scented osmanthus also can drop as air temperature more and more flourishing. Be apart from now view and admire optimal period, estimation still has left and right sides of a week. " the part admiring laurel of arboretum will come continuously all the time on October 31.
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