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Chiliad ancient Buddhist templeput on the brakes exhibits Xin Yanling concealed
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Along boreal hill road, abide is worn clever concealed road one direction on the west and into, super-cooling spring, it is clever concealed of chiliad ancient Buddhist templeput on the brakes.

Mr Lin says Shanghai visitor: "Go to Hangzhou, nature is to swim west lake 2 seek clever hidden from view. Nature is to swim west lake 2 seek clever hidden from view..

Yesterday, scenery of Hangzhou west lake scenic spot area statistic shows, ling Yinfei comes the peak recieves tourist quantity to be thirty-four thousand five hundred person-time.

   Clever concealed why so hot?

Speak of clever hidden from view, the old Han Ru that lives in knife cogongrass alley counts a precious: "In April 2006, area of clever concealed scene begins integrated punish, I am written down so that Hangzhou puts forward at that time, the fixed position of clever concealed is visit in order to go sightseeing, area of scene of travel of the zoology that religious go on a pilgrimage is main function Buddhist culture.

This year National Day, clever concealed is brand-new appear, laohan takes a Sun Er to swim admire, be profuse in praise: "Present clever concealed, extensive is baronial gas, have sth. worth seeing or reading very much! Have sth. worth seeing or reading very much!!

Really, area of clever concealed scene serves as Hangzhou " golden calling card " , more Yi Yi is unripe brightness, the point that tourist place reachs, all can encircle can nod --

God extend of Zhu Faxi temple, weigh model avalokitesvara Taoist or Buddhish rites, grave and solemn and respectful, the place of law of the go on a pilgrimage that most complete, function perfects the structure in becoming fane of this locality buddhism relatively, sermon, great. Last year, the law is fond of a temple to already added a hill gate, hall of Xin Xiudong fast can hold 1500 more than person this year.

Extend of clean temple of culmination Zhu law, in long old as usual undertook tearing open on the foundation answer build, fast of ceremony Buddha, sermon, sweet city, element. Easily one static, become an interest worthily. The boreal wing-room project that start working builds this year and " month of 7 stars pool " tourist attraction project, increased new hotspot for fane.

Punish of extend of temple of lens of law of every days of Zhu returned sweet forest the beautiful scenery of tea garden, the Buddhist and humanitarian landscape that forms landscape culture photograph to unite.

Always blessing temple answer build, culture of more outstanding history and tradition blend artisticly, can satisfy the tourist of demand of different and Buddhist culture, make the culture zoology travel of area of clever concealed scene is built more hasten diversity. Always blessing temple is built group with " fourfold one arteries and veins " for the characteristic, strewn at random and statified, function each different.
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