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Sweet-scented osmanthus order leaves, lotus does not agree to go west lake, arri
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"Lotus does not agree to follow summer go, orange osmanthus a faint fragrance steps autumn come. " yesterday early morning, the tree of small sweet-scented osmanthus of degree of finish of arm of one individual plant has begun hole of west lake edge misting and clouds in the twilight faint spit sweet, and south lakefront house piece 559 lotus in pond of carry on one's shoulder return a back to be held out straight. This is meant, in future in 20 days, hangzhou will show " Gui He contends for beautiful " fantastic picture.

The morning in hill is very clear cold, have 18 Celsius left and right sides only about, the chef of hole misting and clouds in the twilight thanks a country to make the same score the short sleeve unlined upper garment that wore a white only, couldn't help hitting a shiver. Go to the front of eat glow building, he smells suddenly those who be familiar with is sweet sweet: "Summer still has been done not have, did sweet-scented osmanthus leave? " he turns the head looks, small silver-colored bay tree has that individual plant 2 meters many tall only, emaciated ordinary, open rocket to come try to make a good showing, full
The tree is tender yellow, very flourish.

The contented aunt that lives in Hai Yueqiao one drink tea to have a meal to hole misting and clouds in the twilight every Friday, did not think of with Hangzhou the first Gui Xiang bumps this year be full of, her readily take the opportunity to resembles a child: "Really sweet! This is lucky path. This is lucky path..

Down become aware completely Gansu road, from hole misting and clouds in the twilight downhill, when falling quickly to the foot of a hill, it is 779 sweet-scented osmanthus the tree builds up fall to become aware completely Gansu. The temperature below hill a little some taller, sweet-scented osmanthus aroma gets together more thickly.

"Laurel of gold of this 8 individual plant 223 years old, qianlong 49 years, of grow of ancestors of home of my the Tang Dynasty, " the sweet-scented osmanthus tree that becomes aware Tang Jinkui of Gansu village villager is pointing to number 38-11 completely tells a reporter, "It is it blossoms first year after year. " old sweet-scented osmanthus is cultivated people branch numerous Xie Mao, about 56 simultaneously in full bloom, the sweet-scented osmanthus tree that future of the circuit on the edge must reach also writtens guarantee gave flaxen Xiaohua to luxuriant, although have volume of grain of rice only, full however spirit.

Still have Man Longgui inside pluvial park one individual plant near silver-colored laurel of 956 years old, Mao Jiabu the Jin Gui of one individual plant on mountain forest... the sweet-scented osmanthus that strength is unable to bear by the side of the west lake about fragmentary and open just a little 10 individual plant, than expert and villager people forecast " on September 15 " early 18 days.
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