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National Day drives oneself run run new condition area
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Order of Lin Andong day is new open business

Destination 1: The day looks east

Reason: Brand-new on September 26 practice

The day looks hill is the hobby of explorer all the time east, because of the person that go not much, also do not have centralized management, the person that knows so is not much also. Nevertheless, this kind of case should be changed immediately, begin from September 26, the day looks east hill scene area will be brand-new practice, the distinctive scene that uses gorge, chute, forest, sea of clouds attracts a tourist, return discomfort to see fresh.

The person that recommend: Lang Jian

Destination 2: Western Paradise eye

Reason: Go picking two lucky fruit

Western Paradise looks " of world ginkgo ancestor " the ties is full this year " ginkgo " . In ancient time the fruit that people sees this kind hard calls " fruit of lucky fingered citron " . Gu Shu is hanged this year fruit is more, scene area these " lucky fruit " after collecting, can send those who join organization of long triangle travel agent to come loose tourist of guest class group, nevertheless, if lucky OK also oneself are chosen Oh.

The person that recommend: Cheng Zhongcheng

Yu Hang should open a concert

Destination: Double brook concert

Reason: Festival of annual double brook float

Shuang Xi always can produce bit of interesting thing every year, it is the farmer builds bird's nest before the Olympic Games, now is the concert on the brook. All sorts of happy hands wear ethical dress, the arena on good in the setting edge brook water has a show, tourist edge listens to musical edge to see ethical dance by the side of float. Arrive from October December is section of double brook float, this time goes appropriate.

The person that recommend: Bureau of tourism of bridge Shan Yuhang

Wild animal garden wants make one's rounds to swim

Destination: Dragon door ancient guard

Reason: Held part of amorous feelings of folk-custom of dragon door ancient guard to October on September 22

Annual dragon door ancient guard can hold part of folk-custom amorous feelings, place is pressed down civilian every family can prepare a lot of waiting for a tourist deliciously to come. The activity of garden of Hangzhou wild animal on the side is very much also, sapphirine performs an already all face-lifting, national Day moment can have Thailand example to resemble performance and show of clown of circus wagon animal, wild animal big round of drinks still can be come up against to swim if time is artful, star by the hundreds animal that conceives stunt alone people outside can taking garden all the time from garden with trick rider of countrywide gold prize, mix everybody together orgiastic.
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