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Hangzhou is had the honor to win " of Chinese electron business affairs " title
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Yesterday morning, surprise when Cai of Hangzhou city mayor from chairman of association of Chinese electron business affairs had received in hand of Ling of the Song Dynasty " of Chinese electron business affairs " when the board of this heavy, gathered Alibaba, net is filled, the Hangzhou of the industry of commerce of numerous and famous electron such as the net that clean out treasure, Chang Xiang net, stand in new start again. Mark of Yang Qu of members of standing committee of municipal Party committee, standing deputy mayor, deputy mayor Tong Guili attended to award card ceremony.

Song Ling is in association of Chinese electron business affairs " about awarding Hangzhou city " report

Mode has been formed and begin to move toward maturity, domain of application of business affairs of whole town electron is deepened ceaselessly and expand, internationalization degree promotes ceaselessly, had become the demonstrative area of construction of business affairs of our country electron and development.

Cai Ji makes a speech in the ceremonially that give a shop sign, he says, electronic business affairs changes pattern of traditional business affairs, reduce trade cost, improve current efficiency, stimulative economy grows, it is a kind of new economic employment form. Electronic business affairs is different from common to Hangzhou development. It is electronic business affairs involves a variety of trades such as finance, talent, content shedding, and the advantage place that news service is Hangzhou, develop electronic business affairs to hold the active advantageous position that Hangzhou expands namely energetically. 2 it is to be able to create new commercial pattern. Electronic business affairs is the fertile soil that new business pattern develops, will bring huge profit to area development, medium and small businesses will obtain larger growing space. 3 it is to foster network new economy. Hangzhou suits very much with " person head computer " the new economy that is a feature grows, suit a talent to do poineering work very much, develop electronic business affairs to lead Hangzhou city the future of development namely energetically. Besides the west lake outside calling card of this piece of gold, "Of Chinese electron business affairs " with Alibaba the golden calling card that also is Hangzhou.

Cai Ji emphasizes, electronic business affairs is the high-end property that develops mainly, hangzhou is breeding electronic business affairs to get energetically army enterprise, give aid to commerce industry does the electron greatly strong, inspect to electronic commerce industry with assess company of new and high technology, software company, industries of large quantities of one famous electron commerce get good progress. Hangzhou is trying hard to build Chinese electron business affairs advocate platform, 2007, hangzhou assemble the website of electronic business affairs that saves 70% above completely, gross amounts to many 1300, selected the Hangzhou enterprise of TOP100 of website of business affairs of electron of 2007 China industry shares 31, occupy the close 1/3 of gross. In recent years, hangzhou increases the talent of electronic business affairs to foster, come to electronic business affairs catch as new commercial pattern, press the wide application of electronic business affairs actively, build the favorable environment that electronic business affairs develops hard. Current, hangzhou is building perfect electronic business affairs sincere letter system, pay trade platform construction has taken advanced line, software industry development is rapid, fluid of modern other people is ceaseless and perfect, whole town has formed the good atmosphere that electronic business affairs develops.
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