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Two side make thing of desolate hill airport airport new city
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15 years, airport economy is provided at the beginning of circle rudiment

Airport economy is encircled, because airport and aviation carry tremendous to week exclosure area influence,point to, cause production, technology, capital, commerce and person
Mouth to gather all round the airport, form muti_function economic area.

Hangzhou airport economy encircles development, cent pace goes:

To 2015, embryonic form is provided first, content of new and high technology, aviation sheds the civil aviaton that breeds a batch to have own intellectual property and competitive advantage enterprise, new open 10 international to arrive directly at course, have company of express of 10 above aviation.

To 2020, function of airport economy circle is perfect, become international civil aviaton move of light plane production industry basically carries on one of base, content of airport of the ala austral long triangle sheds center of express of aviation of area of hub, Hua Dong.

The near future plans to open Euramerican line

Airport economy wants to develop, international course is a foundation.

Current, hangzhou had extended southeast Asia market, debutted every week the Hangzhou of 5 orders reachs kuala lumpur course, next, the plan discusses enlightened Hangzhou to Bangkok, hangzhou comes Sha Ba's course;

To receiving network of route of international of Hong Kong airport, development " classics harbor flies " product, make weekly Hangzhou achieves 49 to gross of Hong Kong airliner;

Strengthen cooperation of as large as home airline, the plan opens Hangzhou to come in the near future Euramerican course.

"The appreciation service of Xiamen airport achieves 20 % , we still are less than 10 % , this is a big market, want to be used well. " Cai Fu grows a requirement.

Combine Hangzhou oneself distinguishing feature, airport economy circle will develop the stress aviation content to shed manufacturing industry of course of study, aviation henceforth, face industry of sky new and high technology to wait for an industry.

Optimize network of airport periphery road

Encircle construction as airport economy, network of airport periphery road also will be optimized, compose is built case " one annulus two 3 vertical 3 horizontal strokes " area traffic advocate framework (if pursue) .

In the meantime, between city border road network also punish:

Widen transform highway of Shanghai Hangzhou, Hang Yong, Hang Ning, build Hang Pu, Hang Shaoyong in the round, Hangzhou the freeway such as long, Zhu Yong, make airport area can lead to Shanghai, Ning Bo quickly eastwards; Nanjing of northerly can fast join; Xiang Xineng achieves Huang Shan quickly; Xiang Na can be fast the hinterland in the short for Zhejiang Province such as understand justice black.
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