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Travel mid-autumn, short line swims in the price is substantial
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After holiday of the State Council is adjusted, the Mid-autumn Festival this year has a holiday to be able to be put first. Around move " enjoy the glorious full moon " this theme, the BBQ big eat that in beautiful Lankawei beach enjoys the glorious full moon to enjoy elaborate preparation at the same time at the same time, to hot spring of Xiamen hubble-bubble open air, looking up is beautiful moonlight, many travel agent thought Hangzhou way, the hope can arouse the passion of go on a journey that has a citizen. Travel agent mining travels mid-autumn the market Summer vacation time ends, subsequently all through the ages was the go on a journey in a year September off-season. But this September because have mid-autumn holiday, the circumstance can differ somewhat probably. According to new holiday arrangement, this year mid-autumn (on September 14) can have a holiday one day, hook up double cease day, on September 13, 14 days, 15 days can have a holiday 3 days. Had vacation, had the time of go on a journey with respect to imply. Dong Limei of Hangzhou international travel agent says, the Olympic Games that just goes let the attention of a lot of people be centrally on the match, the number of go on a journey August is inferior to in former years apparently. "A lot of people will go to plan postpone of in the future all right, arrived however 11, crowd of go on a journey is centered, the price is met again violent wind is gotten very tall, not be to one's profit. Now since there was vacation September, some people are arranged possibly at this time go on a journey. " the estimation of travel agent is not without the basis. The tomb-sweeping day this year, because had a small long holiday of 3 days, form small height of a travel immediately. Hangzhou travel is distributing center short line of go for a walk in the country in spring, pure Brightness has about a hundred tourist to sign up everyday when small long holiday. And according to statistic of Hangzhou international travel agent, pure Brightness is small the amount receiving a visitor of long holiday is at ordinary times 3 times on the weekend. Still a few citizens use small long holiday plus year off, the selection goes 3 inferior and other places goes vacationing. "This year mid-autumn, to travel agent, also be a brand-new attempt. Travel agent also wants to try, mid-autumn this market whether do. " market of Hangzhou international travel agent extends Han Jun of central chief inspector to say.   Short line swims in the price is substantial In the light of this year travel mid-autumn the market, travel agent leaves full time on short line. For instance Hangzhou international travel agent is rolled out " see firework, taste bright moon of crab, view " Jiangsu Shang Huyu hill enjoys the glorious full moon delicate brigade. In the night mid-autumn, the tourist can take gaily painted pleasure boat noctivagant Shang Hu, attend Shang Hu annual " enjoy the glorious full moon mid-autumn fireworks congress " , attend riddles written on lanterns to have the award guess, light that put a river mid-autumn pray blessing, admire ethical firebrand singing and dancing. 4 meridian and long term form still there is no lack of on the market mid-autumn. For instance, hot spring of cereal of Xiamen, life is luxurious go vacationing swim, emit into hot spring to go vacationing when good night mid-autumn village, give out in the hotel after buffet, the tourist can bubble with family bubble hot spring, enjoy pool of swimming of hot spring of 72 open air at the same time, admire beautiful moonlight at the same time; Jiang Shuangfei of Guilin, Yang Shuo, Li swims 4 days, the shopping mall with rambling in relief famous by day new moon -- on the west street, the dusk can visit lunar hill, this is the miracle of nature, the tourist walks south hill enjoy the glorious full moon road, view and admire lunar hole from different point of view, can see eyebrow month, half moon, full moon this a chain of circle is short of change. Besides domestic line, leave the country swim to also try to be in a cup of a thick soup is divided on the market mid-autumn. Hangzhou nation force was hit " spend joyfully mid-autumn -- Malaysia Lan Kawei brigade of 5 days " , the Mid-autumn Festival in the evening, the tourist can attend the beach BBQ that hotel and travel agent arrange meticulously together, eat big eat to admire the bright moon at the same time at the same time. If the citizen chooses to be in mid-autumn go on a journey, also can enjoy many material benefit on the price. The travel product during the Mid-autumn Festival basically does not have any rising. Malaysia Lan Kawei 5 days rise 3980 yuan, and the price of other time is same September, and the line such as the Xiamen of other, Guilin also maintains as always in off-season in September price. Current, the Lankawei of Hangzhou nation force 5 days sell out already basically, travel agent considers to increase a seat number. Dong Limei says, those who sign up is 3 young home more. The anticipation of this and travel agent is about the same. Han Jun says, they were designed in the journey of Guilin the moon looks toward lunar hill before riding a bicycle, and the hot spring of journey lieutenant general in Xiamen, cate, enjoy the glorious full moon union, build the aura that gives romance, "The youth can be accepted quite mid-autumn the idea of go on a journey, and be in in in the idea of old people, mid-autumn should pass in the home, this kind of idea compares difficult change. "
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