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The drive street in Hesperian eye is in Hangzhou
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The condole on Feng Shan city gate

A canal in the city

The butcher of sandals sells on the road in Zhongshan

Do the craftsman of the lantern

Bless lane the sundial in a cloister

The shop fascia on drive street

Each city has to be located in urban center position almost, the high street of whole town of be well versed in. The commerce of this city, culture or administrative orgnaization often are around move this high street and extend those who come. What people is used to what the ground weighs it to be a city is medium axes. With respect to Hangzhou character, face more than 700 years of histories since bringing seat of government from found a capital of the Southern Song Dynasty in, drive street, or weigh an ave (namely the Zhongshan road later) , acting from beginning to end so the part of the axes in a city. Mix as a development of a new way evolve, and old architectural is big on Zhongshan road demolish rebuild, today, this what once had developed great history sense is medium axes already be on the wane. But old before, a lot of foreigners come to China, come to Hangzhou, most those who attract them is this ave, the marketplace folkway on the ave, Oriental culture, look they are dazzlingly.

Ha, you travel to Hangzhou now, what is the greatest sense? Whether the lasting appeal that experiences Hangzhou. Welcome you to come to Hangzhou, if you need travel to help

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