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Hangzhou greets air of busy season of Olympic Games travel to pledge the quantit
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Carry on one's shoulder of wind of water of one pool green jade sways, azure blue of eyeful of one party clear sky. Element has " terrestrial heaven " beautiful praise the east wind that Hangzhou lends Beijing the Olympic Games greeted travel busy season, a lot of going to Hangzhou tourist of China and foreign countries expresses, the zoology environment of Hangzhou had apparent promotion, approach famous city of world other tourism more and more.

The reporter sees, if tourist of west lake edge is knitted, below set off of blue sky of green jade water, zhen Chi crosses the gull bird from time to time of group fly, from time to time forages carefreely. Live in the old man introduction around according to, the gull bird of these a few years of west lakes became much rise, often still can see an affectionate couple and mallard lark, on the peach of lakefront, also can see a squirrel with a lovely exquisite jumps in fluctuation change from time to time.

Archaism path: "Wood of handsome bird choose and dwell " , what the water bird of the nature that answer dwell and puppy go in reflection is in recent years Hangzhou is mixed the clear improvement of environment of west lake zoology. Newest detect the result makes clear, hangzhou city empty temperament measures good rate to already exceeded 80 % 5 years continuously, 2007 is to achieve 308 days more, the history since measuring daily system to build empty temperament is best level. Bureau of Hangzhou city environmental protection says, empty this year temperament measures data relatively the corresponding period is better last year. West lake water quality also had improve at all, lake water diaphaneity already raised 83 centimeters at present, achieve 40 come for years best level.

A string of number hard-earned that string together. Digital backside is Hangzhou municipal government and branch of various environmental protection for creation " Shui Qingshu beautiful environment is beautiful " it is difficult that assault fortified positionses defeat Hangzhou, also be the result that Hangzhou city holds to for a long time to increase environmental protection strength. 2007, hangzhou city finished air pollution in the round not only integrated punish, add up to to whole town of 125 units " furnace kiln kitchen " undertake be transforminged thoroughly, meanwhile environmental protection still combines the branch such as traffic, policeman to extend mark of motor vehicle environmental protection, be restricted to go to obtaining the car that green environmental protection indicates to execute measure. This year, environmental protection bureau is pushed again new politics, support environmental protection with financial credit " green credit " the financing source that cutting off illegal blowdown enterprise, encourage and guide more enterprises to take an environment friendly model road. Next year, enterprise of 39 pyroelectricity of Hangzhou city leads implementation to decoke from 70% achieve of 90% span greatly... , be these " invisible heavy fist " , let Hangzhou maintain while ceaseless ascend economy builds a summit " water of blue sky, green jade, green, quiet " zoology environment.
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